I’m Noah Bradley and I’m writing a book on how to learn, live, and thrive as a creator.

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First draft 100%
First edit 33%
Second edit 0%
Published 0%

1. Starting

Everything I wish I had been told before I did anything.

2. Training

On the tactics, tools, techniques, and tricks that will train you to be the best and have the highest likelihood of success.

3. Being

On sustaining a creative life, being happy, and integrating your creativity into a healthy lifestyle.

A bit about me

I’m a creator. I make Reference.Pictures with my wife, Rachel. I founded Art Camp to help artists all over the world learn to make better art together. I’m making a world in The Sin of Man.

I’m the guy who told everyone “don’t go to art school.” I also shared the 12 year journey of how I became an artist. I put together a list of the 10 books every artist must read. So if you like making art, head on over to my resources for more of that.

I’m most active on Twitter and Instagram.