I’m Noah Bradley and I’m writing a book on how to learn, live, and thrive as a creator.

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First draft 100%
First edit 33%
Second edit 0%
Published 0%

1. Starting

Everything I wish I had been told before I did anything.

2. Training

On the tactics, tools, techniques, and tricks that will train you to be the best and have the highest likelihood of success.

3. Being

On sustaining a creative life, being happy, and integrating your creativity into a healthy lifestyle.

A bit about me

I’m a creator. I make Reference.Pictures. I founded Art Camp to help artists all over the world learn to make better art together. I’m making a world in The Sin of Man.

I’m the guy who told everyone “don’t go to art school.” I also shared the 12 year journey of how I became an artist. I put together a list of the 10 books every artist must read. So if you like making art, head on over to my resources for more of that.